What Are Best Beaches In Odisha?

What Are The Best Beaches In Odisha

What Are Best Beaches In Odisha?

Let us know today what are the best beaches in Odisha and what are their highlights. Odisha is an eastern coastal state of India bordering the Bay of Bengal and is home to many tribal cultures. Odisha State is located along the coast of the Bay of Bengal and is home to beautiful beaches as well as many ancient temples. The city of Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha and offers all kinds of facilities to tourists. Odisha Coastal Beaches are developing tourism with a pristine climate , In favor of relaxation and tidal waves. Here are some beautiful beaches.

What Are Best Beaches In Odisha?

1. Puri Beach

2. Gopalpur Beach

3. Paradeep Beach

4. Konark Beach

5. Chandipur Beach

6. Rushikulya Beach

7. Aryapalli Beach

8. Ramachandi Beach

Best Beaches In Odisha – Explained

Puri Beach

Puri Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Odisha and the famous Puri Jagannath Temple is located near this beach. This beach is famous for its city baths and attracts a large number of tourists. Due to the proximity of the beach to the Puri Jagannath Temple, devotees as well as pilgrims can spend their precious time here. You can enjoy the religious activities organized here. Building sand dunes on this beach will double your enthusiasm like bathing in cold water. Handicraft skills near this beach will enchant you with your shopping.

Location : Puri , Odisha

Famous For : Puri Jagannath Temple , Swimming , Seafood Stalls

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Gopalpur Beach

Adjacent to the Bay of Bengal, this beach has a serene atmosphere with the remnants of the port’s pillars. The lighthouse near this beach offers a beautiful view of the city of Gopalpur and the ocean water. With the deep blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, this beach is ideal for water sports like surfing and sailing. Another major attraction is the view of the Olive Ridley Turtles near this beach. Green Atmosphere like coconut groves near the beach and a bit of a consolation for those who want a picnic.

Location : Gopalpur city , Odisha

Famous For : Lighthouse , Swimming , Seafood Stalls , Water Sports , Gopalpur Beach Festivals , Olive Ridley TurtlesĀ  , Aqua Games

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Paradeep Beach

Paradip Beach has a serene atmosphere with its beautiful sea waters and blue waters. This beach is an ornamental beach with beautiful green trees and near the Mahanadi river. Ideal for bathing in the sea aqua blue water near the beach and spending time on the sandy beach. Offering a pleasant atmosphere to nature lovers, this beach is a godsend for mental relaxation.

Location : Paradeep , Odisha

Famous For : Mahanadi River , Pleasant Atmosphere , Sunrise And Sunset

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Konarka Beach

This beach is located at a distance of about 3 km from the famous Konark Sun Temple in the state of Odisha And has beautiful nature. Tourists will be delighted by the beautiful waves coming from the sand and the Bay of Bengal in golden color shining in the sunlight. The uniqueness of this beach is that it attracts tourists as well as devotees.

Location : Nolia Sahi , Odisha

Famous For : Konark Surya Temple , Pleasant Atmosphere , Sunrise And Sunset

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Chandipur Beach

The fact that it fits nature plays games with us is enough for this beach. This beach seawater games are a bit unbelievable because the sea waves of this beach go backwards and big waves come back up at high speeds. In this way Sea water at once going back about 5km and coming back is awesome.

Location : Balasore , Odisha

Famous For : Tides in the sea , Pleasant Atmosphere , Sunrise And Sunset

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Rushikulya Beach

Rushikulya Beach is an ideal place to experience relaxation and solitude. This beach is a beautiful sight to see the Olive Ridley turtles in the clear water, sand and endangered species of turtles. The Olive Ridley Turtles hatch on this beach and the tiny turtles emerging from them is a spectacular sight.

Location : Pallibandha , Odisha

Famous For : Olive Ridley Turtles , Pleasant Atmosphere , Sunrise And Sunset , Swimming

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Aryapalli Beach

This beach is located close to Chatrapur town in Odisha and offers a serene atmosphere. A good place for those who want to relax while observing the sea waves in front of the beach and viewing the beauty of the cassava trees. Sunrise and Sunset are the main attractions for those who want to spend time near this beach .

Location : Aryapalli , Odisha

Famous For : Sand Mineral Project , Pleasant Atmosphere , Sunrise And Sunset , Fishing

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Ramachandi Beach

The beach derives its name from the Ramachandi Temple located near this beach and Provides a serene atmosphere. This beach is located at a distance of about 7 km from Konark and attracts tourists and devotees due to the Ramachandi Temple. Clear water and rows of palm trees next to it provide sweet memories.

Location : Ramachandi , Odisha

Famous For : Ramachandi Temple , Pleasant Atmosphere , Sunrise And Sunset , Fishing

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cleanest beach in Odisha?

A. Chandipur Beach

2. What is the best beach in Odisha?

A. Puri Beach ( Chandrabhaga Beach)


Odisha Beaches offer a breathtaking natural environment as well as divine visions. In the sand on the shores of Puri Beach, sculptors depict images of the wonders of the world. Finally you can enjoy the beach beauty of the state as well as the city culture and natural beauty.



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