What Are The Best Beaches In Athens?

What Are The Best Beaches In Athens

What Are The Best Beaches In Athens?

The beaches of Athens are not as well known as the ones in other countries, but they offer some of the most beautiful sights in Greece. There are many beaches that have stunning views and are worth exploring. We will provide you with a list of the best beaches in Athens, so that you can plan your next trip accordingly.

You may have heard of the phrase “Knowledge is Power”. The more knowledge you have about something, the more power you have over it. This is why people often say that “knowledge is power”. The same can be applied to beaches in Athens. If you know which beaches are the best, then you can make better decisions about where to go and what to do at a beach in Athens. It’s hard to choose the best beach in Athens because they all offer different benefits and drawbacks that make them all worth visiting at one point or another.

Top Beaches In Athens

  1. Legrena Beach
  2. Schinias Beach
  3. Vouliagmeni Beach
  4. Cape Sounion Beach
  5. Vravrona Beach
  6. Loutsa Beach
  7. Lagonisi Beach
  8. Kalamaki Beach
  9. Glyfada Beach
  10. Kontogialos Beach

Best Beaches In Athens – Explained

Legrena Beach

Legrena Beach is a small seaside village in the Athens prefecture. With a population of about 600 people, it is located on the coast, in Attica. The villagers are friendly and welcoming and they grow their own produce. They are very proud of their village and they always make visitors feel at home. There are many water activities to do in the area such as kayaking, surfing and snorkeling. This is a beautiful beach on the outskirts of Athens. It is a long, golden-sand beach with clear, calm waters. The water depth ranges from shallow to deep and it is perfect for swimming or just relaxing.

Location : Laurium 195 00, Greece

Schinias Beach

Schinias Beach is a popular beach in Athens, Greece. It is located in the suburb of Schinias, near Glyfada. The beach is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike because it offers a variety of activities for people of all ages and interests. There are sand volleyball courts, restaurants, and even a water park for kids. The most popular time to visit Schinias Beach is during the summer months because it offers an escape from the heat and allows you to enjoy some time in the sun without having to worry about getting sunburned or dehydrated.

It is located about 10 kilometers east of Athens city center and stretches from the rocky shores of the Saronic Gulf to the pine forests. The beach is a popular destination for Athenians and tourists alike, especially on weekends.The water at Schinias Beach is clean and clear, with a sandy bottom. The sand at Schinias Beach varies in color from white to black depending on the season. The northern part of Schinias Beach has an abundance of rocks, while there are also many rocks in the southern part of the beach along with pebbles that can be found near the sea shore.

Schinias Beach is a popular beach on the Peloponnese Coast and has been awarded Blue Flag status by international environmental organization Blue Flag Association. This certification is one of the strictest in the world and signifies that Schinias Beach meets strict standards for quality, safety and environmental responsibility.

Location : Marathon 190 07, Greece

Vouliagmeni Beach

Vouliagmeni Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Athens, Greece. The beach is located southeast of the town of Voula and north of Athens. The beach is a few kilometers long with fine sand and shallow water. There are many cafés and restaurants near the beach for refreshments or lunchtime snacks. The Vouliagmeni Beach was built during the 1930s by the Greek company “Athens Electric Company”. It was originally created to provide electricity to parts of Athens, but it soon became a popular tourist attraction. The beach is known for its calm waters and it’s a popular destination for families with children. The water is shallow and there are no waves, so it’s safe for children to swim in. The beach is open to the public all year round, but it has been closed on occasions due to pollution.

Location : Vouliagmeni 166 71, Greece

Cape Sounion Beach

Cape Sounion Beach is a beautiful beach located in the southern part of Athens, Greece. It is one of the most popular beaches in Greece, with a long coastline and crystal clear water. The Cape Sounion Beach is a sandy beach, which has been awarded with the blue flag by the European Union for its cleanliness, safety and service quality. The beach features an organized children’s area and offers a variety of water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. The beach is located at the foot of the famous Cape Sounion, which is said to be where Ancient Greeks used to worship Poseidon. The rocks that surround the cape are also said to be where Themistocles made his famous speech before the Battle of Salamis.

Vravrona Beach

Vravrona Beach is a small town in the region of Attica. It is located near the Athens International Airport, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. The name Vravrona originates from a Greek word that means “blue”. This name was given to this place because it has an amazing blue water. Vravrona is a small village in Greece. It has been situated there since ancient times. This beach is one of the most popular beaches in Greece. It has been awarded the Blue Flag and the European Quality Coast label.

Loutsa Beach

Loutsa is a coastal suburb of Athens, Greece. Loutsa is situated in the eastern part of Attica, near the border with East Attica in the Municipality of Agios Stefanos. Loutsa is located 20 kilometers east of Athens city center, and it borders with the suburbs of Aigio to the west and Vouliagmeni to the south. It is a popular beach for locals and tourists alike, with its crystal clear waters and soft sand.

The beach is approximately 5 km long and has a width that varies between 30 and 100 meters. It has a natural rock barrier at both ends that protects it from waves, while its shallow waters make it suitable for swimming. The beach offers a variety of facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes and restaurants, as well as water sports like jet skiing or snorkeling.

Lagonisi Beach

Lagonisi Beach is a small beach in Athens, Greece. It is one of the many beaches in the area and has a few things that make it stand out. The water is clear and clean, which is not always the case with some of the other beaches in Athens. The sand on Lagonisi Beach is also very fine and soft which makes it easy to walk on without getting your feet dirty or sinking into it. It also has a very large rock formation that juts out from the shoreline and provides some shade for people who want to spend time at this beach. There are no waves, so it is suitable for children. The beach has a small café and snack bar. The water is shallow and the sand is coarse. The beach has been awarded with the blue flag for its cleanliness and water quality.

Kalamaki Beach

The Kalamaki Beach is located in Athens, Greece. It is a popular tourist destination and it is the only beach in the city of Athens. The beach is about 2km long and it has a width of about 100 meters. It was built in the 1930s by demolishing houses and buildings that were there before. The Kalamaki Beach was known as one of the most popular beaches for Athenians, but due to pollution, it lost its charm over time. In recent years, however, locals have been trying to clean up their environment so that tourists can enjoy their stay more thoroughly. It’s located near the city center and has shallow water with clean sand. The water is also very clear and it’s perfect for children to swim in. There are sun beds available for rent and you can also buy food and drinks from the nearby kiosks.

Glyfada Beach

Glyfada Beach is a popular tourist destination located in Athens, Greece. It is situated on the coast of the Saronic Gulf near the southern end of the Athens Riviera. The beach is about 3 km long and has a sand-and-shingle bottom with shallow waters which are ideal for children. There are many hotels in Glyfada, as well as cafes and restaurants. The water, sandy beaches and dunes are perfect for both swimming and relaxation while there are also many hotels nearby if you want to stay a night or two. It’s one of the longest beaches in Athens and it’s well known for its clean, clear waters because the water source is located at a distance of several kilometers from the coast.

Kontogialos Beach

Kontogialos Beach is a beach in Athens, Greece. It is located in the municipality of Voula and it has been voted as one of the best beaches in Greece. Kontogialos Beach is one of the best beaches in Greece. The water is nice, the sand is clean, and you can see the city of Athens from it. It is a family-friendly beach with shallow waters and pebbles. The water temperature ranges from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius during the summer season. The Kontogialos Beach is located in the Athens Prefecture and offers a beautiful view of the Saronic Gulf. It is one of the most popular beaches in Greece. This beach is located 2 km from the center of Piraeus. It has a length of 500 meters and a width of 20 meters, with small pebbles and large rocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.When is the best time to go to a beach in Athens?

This is a difficult question to answer. As the weather in Athens is unpredictable, it is best to check with the local tourist office or book accommodation in advance.

2.If I go to a beach in Athens, what should I wear?

It is recommended to wear summer clothes, hats, and sunglasses if you plan on sunbathing. If you want to swim, you should wear a bathing suit. You may also want to bring a towel and sunscreen if you plan on sunbathing.

3.What is the temperature in Athens?

The temperature in Athens will be around 25 degrees Celsius.


Athens has many beautiful beaches, but the best ones are located on the Saronic gulf. This gulf is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. The Saronic gulf is a perfect place for swimming, sunbathing and other water sports activities.

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