What Are Best Beaches In Mumbai?

What Are Best Beaches In Mumbai

What Are Best Beaches In Mumbai?

Let’s find out what is the best beaches in Mumbai city and what are its highlights. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra in the western part of India. Mumbai is one of the busiest places in the city of India. Located in the western part of India, the city is bordered by the Arabian Sea and has beautiful beaches. The city’s population is very busy with malls, shopping centers and beautiful beaches. Here is a list of some beautiful beaches where you can spend time with your family members and friends. These beaches are waiting for you.

What Are Best Beaches In Mumbai?

  1. Juhu Beach
  2. Gorai Beach
  3. Marve Beach
  4. Madh Island Beach
  5. Aksa Beach
  6. Versova Beach
  7. Dadar Chowpatty Beach
  8. Marine drive Beach
  9. Manori Island Beach

Best Beaches In Mumbai

Juhu Beach

The beach is located near the Ville Parle in central Mumbai Area. It is said to be one of the fascinators destinations in the map of the tourist of Mumbai. Bollywood celebrities also come here for a walk in the mornings and evenings near this beach. In the evenings near this beach, tourists are attracted by the variety of dishes and food stalls. Due to the proximity of the airport to the beach, one can enjoy the beach by observing the take-off of flights. This beach attracts business as well as games acrobatics. The main attraction is the proximity to the ISKCON temple.

Gorai Beach

The beach got its name from its proximity to the village of Gorai. It can be reached by boat from Borivali. The beach is also famous for its locally available seafood market. The beach attracts a large number of tourists as it is a major attraction for sunrises and sunsets. Honeymoon couples along with the city population also prefer to visit this beach. The Essel World and the Water Kingdom are the major tourist attractions that attract a large number of tourists.

Madh Island Beach

Mad Island Beach is a beautiful tourist beach and ideal for hosting the city’s top-notch parties. It is bordered by Malad Creek to the east and the Arabian Sea to the west. The beach not only offers good seafood but also enjoys the surrounding environment for the tourists.

Marve Beach

This is a great option if you want to stay away from city life and on pollution-free beaches. This beach is located in Malad Creek. The flow near the beach is dangerous due to the high speed and the presence of mud. This beach is ideal if you want to spend some time with the people you love. This beach is at the forefront of villa properties in the city.

Aksa Beach

This beach is located in the northern part of Mumbai, about ten kilometers between Borivali and Malad. This beach attracts a large number of tourists with its secluded atmosphere. In the evening, the cool weather near this beach and The surrounding waters provide a pleasant atmosphere.

Versova Beach

It is one of the favorite beaches of the city. It got its name from a village called Versova in the city. The beach is not only a source of income for the fishermen but also a popular fish market. The beach is famous for the Ganpati immersion festivals in the city.

Marine Drive Beach

The beach is located in the southern part of the city of Mumbai and is about three to four kilometers long. This beach is a great tourist destination and has a nice atmosphere with the cool sand that stretches all around. In the morning and evening you can enjoy a good beach atmosphere by walking near this beach.

Manori Island Beach

This beach is located near Gorai Beach and can be reached by bus from Malad. This beach not only enchants the tourists but also stimulates the senses. This beach offers a nice pleasant atmosphere for those who want to spend the holidays happily.

Dadar Chowpatty Beach

The beach got its name from its proximity to Dadar Station in the southern part of Mumbai. The sand near this beach is low and not suitable for sitting ,that is why it attracts less tourists. You can enjoy the views of Bandra-Worli near this beach. People living near this beach come for jogging in the evenings and enjoy the good weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the famous beach in Mumbai?

A. Madh island beach is the famous beach in Mumbai

2. What is the largest beach in Mumbai?

A. Juhu Beach is the largest and most popular beach in Mumbai.

3. Which sea is near to Mumbai Beaches?

A. Arabian Sea.


The blog post concludes with some tips for a more meaningful experience at the beach. In conclusion, beaches are a great place to spend time with friends and family. The blog post has highlighted some of the best beaches in Mumbai.

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