What Are Best Beaches In Kerala?

what are best beaches in kerala?

What Are Best Beaches In Kerala?

Today we learn about the natural beauty of Kerala and the variety of beaches. This state is called the Divine Land because of its importance to tourism. Kerala is one of the most famous rubber growing states in India. There is no shortage of natural beauty in Kerala. Tourists from all over the world visit this state throughout the year so there are many hotels and restaurants here. The Kerala coastline is approximately about five hundred and ninety kilometers long and has beautiful beaches. Name given by this state to cultural and traditional arts. The state is always buzzing with scenic beauty and beautiful river waterfalls.

Best Beaches in Kerala

  1. Kovalam Beach
  2. Varkala Beach
  3. Alleppey Beach
  4. Bekal Beach
  5. Marari Beach
  6. Kappad Beach
  7. Cherai Beach
  8. Vizhinjam Beach

Kovalam Beach

It is a best place for those who want natural beauty and beach views. Kovalam Beach is located at a distance of about 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Nearby is the Hawa Beach ,Lighthouse Beach and the Sea Beach and due to this, Kovalam beach is very important. The combination of these three beaches attracts nature lovers. Festivals are held at Kovalam Beach and Most of the population participates here during this festival.

  • Time To Visit : November month
  • Where To Stay : Hotel Leela , Kovalam
  • Famous For : Coral reefs , Virignam night caves , Virignam Marine Aquarium
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Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is located at a distance of approximately about 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Even near this beach the crowds are not very large. Varkala beach has small hilly terrains along the coast and The hilly areas on one side of the beach are very beautiful to look at. The natural water currents in these hilly areas are very pleasant. The sunrises and sunsets in this area look very beautiful. There is also a Vishnu temple on the coast. Devotees of God can visit this temple.

  • Time To Visit : November month
  • Where To Stay : Gate way Hotel and Vishnu Temple
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Bekal Beach

The beach is located approximately about 16 km south of the town of Kasargod. This beach is also famous for its ancient forts which is famous in Kerala itself. The beach attracts a lot of tourists with its view of Bekal Fort. You can enjoy the beauty of the fort by traveling by sea by ship.

  • Famous For : Back water journey and swimming
  • where To Stay : Vivanta Taj Hotel
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Alleppey Beach

This beach is very popular for the backwaters, houseboat journey, fishing market and the coconut industry in Kerala. Traveling by house boat will give you some relief from city life. Pier is formed 137 years ago on this beach is well developed as a tourist destination due to its proximity to the sea. The lighthouse near the beach provides a lot of entertainment for the tourists who come here.

  • Time To Visit : November month
  • Famous For : Back waters , Houseboat Journey, Fishing Marketing
  • Where To Stay : Alleppey
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Marari Beach

Situated between Kochi and alleppey, this beach is not only ecologically clean but also clean. At this beach you can observe the Kerala Village Life. The white sand dunes and the surrounding coconut groves are ideal for greenery and picnics. In the fishing village near the beach, the males go hunting in the sea while the females make mats and brushes.

  • Famous For : Swimming And Snorkeling
  • Where To Stay : Marari Beach Resort
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Cherai Beach

The beach is approximately about 10 km long and is beautiful to look at. Due to the fact that this beach is located on the island of Vypeen and It can be reached only by ferry from Kochi. Due to the isolation of the beach, the only way to reach the place is by bus, auto and riksha. The combination of this beach and the surrounding lakes makes these views a major tourist attraction.

  • Where To Stay :  Elephants Resort
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Vizhinjam Beach

Vizhinjam beach is one of the most popular fishing harbors in Kerala. Spending the morning and evening near this beach we can going into the sea and observe the fishermen. If we want to go to Kovalam beach it is very close from this beach.

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Kappad Beach

It is said to be one of the historical beaches in the state of Kerala. Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese sailor, is said to have reached the beach with his ships in 1498 AD. The distance from this beach to Kozhikode is about 16 km. If we observe this beach, some part of the stone part and some part of the sand are together. Doing this beach through the Kozhikode backwaters will be remembered as an unforgettable experience and a lot of fun. Near this beach is a historical temple that is about 800 years old and is very beautiful to see.

  • Famous For : Swimming , Backwaters Journey, Historical Places
  • Where To Stay : Kadavu Resort
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best beach in Kerala?

A. Kovalam Beach is Super Beach In Kerala

2. Which district in Kerala has the most beaches?

A. Thiruvananthapuram District.

3. Which Beach is better Varkala or Kovalam in Kerala?

A. Varkala is the better beach in Kerala


This blog post concludes with some tips for a more meaningful experience at the beach. In conclusion, beaches are a great place to spend time with friends and family. This blog post has highlighted some of the best beaches in Kerala.


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