About Us

Hi Guys

My name is Narayana I love blogging. I was blogging on the beach in this. For emotional relaxation we get a pleasant atmosphere by going to new places with family and friends. That is why through this website I want to inform all of you about the beautiful beaches. Through this blog I will tell you about famous beaches in India and in the world. Let me tell you what they are and what their significance is on the famous beaches. I will also tell you things about how to reach them. I will also let you know about the resorts near the beaches. Because when we go there we need to know where it is good to be.

I think my website will be very useful for those who like to spend time in coastal areas. Also for those who like beach areas well I can tell you about more information. It is my opinion that to unknown persons should be introduced new beaches.

What Is Beaches?

Plain areas along the coast are called beaches. The beach is always full of sand dunes. Some coastal areas are also formed by boulders. Visitors come mostly to visit such serene places that are beautiful and pleasant. Hotels and resorts are established here for the benefit of the visitors.


Thank You Very Much